Each year the club hosts a Members' Exhibition. Normally these are in-person events at public galleries. This year, due to the uncertainty about Covid-19 restrictions, we created this on-line exhibition instead.
Our theme this year is Unconventional Viewpoint. It was chosen via a survey of members and fits very well with the Club's philosophy of encouraging experimentation and innovative approaches to familiar subjects. The images you see here were selected by a panel of judges -- Andrea Sirois, Peter Niznansky and Karl Newholm.
The Henry Ballon Challenge has become a much-loved component of our recent exhibitions. It was initiated in 2015 in memory of the late Dr. Henry Ballon (1931 – 2012), one of the charter members of PhotoClub Vancouver. 
Henry was an avid monochrome photographer who used film exclusively and did his own printing. He eschewed digital photography which he believed was not “real photography.” Many of Henry’s images were in the street photography genre.
The entries in the Challenge are restricted to black and white (film or digital) images that have not been significantly manipulated using computer software.

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