PhotoClub Vancouver is a group of keen amateur and professional photographers who meet regularly to share our knowledge and ideas about photography in order to help and inspire each member to realize his or her artistic visions. Members have a wide range of photographic interests and levels of experience.
The club started as a series of photo courses beginning in 1995. Participants in those courses met informally until the club was officially established in 1998. Today, PhotoClub Vancouver provides a friendly, non-competitive environment where members of all skill levels can achieve their goals in photography by sharing ideas, experiences and expertise.  
The club encourages members to develop their technical and artistic abilities through a variety of club programs, including monthly challenges, field trips, workshops, seminars, guest speakers and members’ presentations on techniques, equipment and Artists Who Inspire Us. We also offer half-day introductory workshops at the Roundhouse.
 We welcome visitors and new members. Please visit our website to get further information and event details: You can also see more of our images on the site.

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