My first camera was a Brownie 127 produced by Kodak in 1952-1967, an inexpensive film camera with a fixed lens. The passion for photography started in my pre-teens and has accelerated. The mixture of artistic capturing of images of the wonders of the world around us and technical lab work appealed to me. I transitioned to “borrowing” my dad’s Zeiss Ikon 35mm single lens reflex in my teens and then to digital in 2003.
 One of the great advancements of digital photography has been the evolution of wet chemical lab work to computers. I still occasionally shoot with black & white film, which I find has an artistic element which remains difficult to capture with digital photography. 
My areas of interest include street, landscape, graphic / patterns, macro, studio portrait, studio fine art B&W nudes and computer aided composites. I often select a photographic master, complete a study of their history / life’s work, and then photograph a series of photographs in their style. I always shoot with an intention of a theme and will often return to a scene multiple times to capture the right light.
I have been a of member of PhotoClub Vancouver for 10 years. You can see a sample of my images on  The four images of the simple joys in nature in the current show were captured close to my home base in the last year where we all experienced travel restrictions.  My intention was to slow down and have the vision to look deeper and be constantly surprised with the wonders close to home.​​​​​​​
The images in the show are available for sale. Printed on archival rag, matted and exhibition black frame 20” x 24”: $450.
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