Photography has been an important part of my life, since my youth. What started as a hobby, developed into a passion. I actively participate in the global photo community, on various platforms, such as PIXOTO, FB, GURU SHOTS, INSTAGRAM and FLICKR.
  I have a strong need for communication in general and visual communication specifically. I walk around searching for interesting viewpoints and unique perspectives, whether I carry my camera or not. My vision and ambition is to capture the beauty around us, in Nature and in Man-made environments, by going beyond the technical knowledge of the medium and aspiring to achieve the artistic level.
 My photographic interests include a large variety of subjects, from landscapes, nature, abstracts, street photography to close-ups, from action filled scenes to still lives.
 Lately, I also enjoy exploring the endless possibilities of digitally enhancing photographic images into photo-art.
For my exhibited images, sizes and prices can be negotiated.
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