Megs Gatus is a Filipino-born emerging artist residing in Vancouver, Canada. Her
medium is digital photography. She has been shooting for over ten (10)
years, and have been active member of Photoclub Vancouver for over 5
years. Megs has completed her Certificate in Photography at Emily Carr University of Arts and Design.
Her work focuses on digital abstraction of organic nature--examining the organic and natural features of landscape beyond its purpose and form. 
Her image I Believe uses the Chiaroscuro style. The term
Chiaroscuro which translates as light-dark refers to the balance and
pattern of light and shade. The strong shadow and bright highlight were applied emphasizing the dark areas in the frame to subdue the light. The image is unconventional because the use of negative space occupies more of the areas of interest. However, the use of negative space pushes the boundaries of the composition. It brings the subject mysterious feelings leaving the audience to stop and study the image. Her other selected images, Mine and Waiting, are included in the
Henry Ballon Category.

Megs has shown her work in several exhibitions at Round House Community
Center, Place de Arts, Zack Gallery, and selected cafés. She aims to continue to share her work. Her work can also be seen on Instagram (@photoartistmegs, @gatusmegs) and her website. 
Artist Statement
“I create images that are not bound by rules.” My creativity becomes infinite in
the environment and settings I choose to shoot. The photographic
piece is created through an expression of emotions, at the present
moment, whether in camera or in post processing. Every image I
create is a masterpice. I put my soul into it. As the eyes gaze the photographs, to appreciate the beauty of the created piece, the hope is to generate a meaningful connection from the moment the eyes stared the art piece.
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