I received my first SLR when I was about 20, and have been enjoying photography since. I’ve been an active member of PhotoClub Vancouver since 2011. 
I like taking photos of nature, of architectural space, and of how people interact and inhabit these spaces. Because light is fleeting and the moment changes, I aim to capture those scenarios that are here now, but probably soon will not be.

For the theme ‘Unconventional Viewpoint’, I used the element of water to express the concept of reflection on past and present events. Both images in this exhibition were inverted. Pier 32 was further rotated.

After the Storm: Yesterday, a storm caused havoc; today, the sun is out, and all is calm. But, the world has turned upside down.
Pier 32 expresses a dream state--musing what this structure could have been, what it is today and what it could become as well as about the comings and goings in and around this place…
You can see more of my work on Instagram at maylinn8289.
Prints on archival paper are available for purchase.
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