There was always a camera in the house when I was growing up. I snapped pictures during family gatherings, trips and holidays. My passion for photography deepened in the last 12 years where I started to look at things around me with more of an artistic eye. I have been a member of PhotoClub Vancouver for four years.  
I discovered Flickr and opened an account there, saw what other photographers were doing and enjoyed the visual creations. Gradually, people started noticing and liking my pictures, too. 
I enjoy most photographic genres but now am particularly attracted to urban landscape or street photography  I look for lines, shapes, shadows and geometry within the urban landscape and try to have a human element within that landscape. 
In my images I try to create a simple, aesthetic frame designed with geometric lines and shapes.
You can see more of my work on Instagram  jawdoc2, and on Flickr  Jawdoc.
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