Doris Fiedrich photographs on the streets, sometimes including people, often not. In this ongoing series, her aim is to present a clean and organized picture of the urban environment, free of distractions, conceivably as envisioned by the designer. Visually organizing her surroundings in this way offers her, as the photographer, and hopefully the viewer, a calm and refreshed perspective, devoid of the emotional ups and downs encountered in everyday city living: a way to rest the mind and to stand still to contemplate our built environs.
As well as being a PCV member, Doris also belongs to Vancouver Street Photography Collective and the Blue Sky GalleryYou can see more of her work in the Gallery's Visualizing 2020 and Transitions 2021 exhibitions. as well as on Instagram, Flickr and 500px.
Her fine art prints are available for sale.
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