I hope that my photographs will help make the world fresh for you in some way. I’ve been composing images since I was 6 years old, encouraged by my father who was a professional photographer. My preferred themes are urban decay, social commentary, and abstractions from Nature. 
My most recent photo show was at Renzo’s Café on Commercial Drive. It was entitled “Swimmers and Floaters” and presented a bird’s eye view of swimmers in Kits Pool. In 2021, Swan Catcher Press published a book of my work called “Seeing Ghosts”. This collection of black and white photos and ekphrastic poems invokes a dreamlike “ghost city”, abstracted from the everyday reality of Vancouver. 
You can purchase prints and cards of my work at Albion Books, 523 Richards St. Vancouver, phone 604-662-3113. These digital photographic prints are available in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed.
Burrard Bridge Moon Chart is a composite of a number of elements viewed from the deck of the Burrard Bridge at night, including moon shots, and bridge supports. It is intended to resemble a kaleidoscope or a mandala.
Boot and Mirror is a photograph of an old hiking boot sitting on top of a dresser with a mirror backing, abandoned in someone’s back yard. The mirror image shows the Fairview Slopes in 1975, before the False Creek condo developments were built.
Fruit Vendor Recycling portrays a fruit vendor in a small Cuban town who recycles his unwanted peelings and pulp out the back window as he works.
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