Retirement, the pandemic, and my first real camera all arrived at about the same time. As did my membership in Photoclub Vancouver. With more time for myself and more time to get out walking, I found ample opportunity to explore various genres of photography. It turns out that in my head I’m interested in landscape photography, but my camera seems more drawn to photographing birds and wildlife. Perhaps the unexpressed artist in me seeks to share a feeling or emotion from a particular scene or landscape, but the scientist in me delights in using the camera to show details of wildlife that cannot be seen in a fleeting moment by the naked eye.
This photograph of Snow Geese, In the Flock, was taken as an overflight by a single eagle scattered a flock of perhaps 2500 geese. The level viewpoint of the camera as the honking, flapping flock takes wing conveys, I hope, the feeling of being in and among them. They weren’t very high yet; you can see a few clods of farm field scattered in the air between the birds.
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