Bob is an image creator with ten years of experience in digital image capture and post-processing. His interests include urban, still life, abstract and conceptual photography.
 For the past few years he's been creating photo-based images as well as photographs. The starting point for each piece is one or more photographs, which he transforms and combines -- sometimes with text -- using Photoshop and other software. The result may be an abstract, a painting-like image, or a collage.
 Bob has been a PhotoClub Vancouver director since 2015 and has co-organized seven juried public exhibitions with the club and taught introductory photography workshops at Vancouver's Roundhouse Community Centre. With the help of fellow Board members, he created the website you are viewing and assists in adding image collections monthly on
 Artist Statement /  Approach
 I am attracted by images that are message- or concept-driven, edgy and / or humorous. It perhaps follows that I’m drawn to artists like Rene Magritte, Barbara Kruger and Iain Baxter& as well as photographers like Man Ray from the early 20th century Dada era and comtemporary photographers like Martin Parr. 
I love photographing small details, abstract patterns and everyday objects and settings. I strive to See Things Differently and portray subjects / themes in unique/ non-standard ways. I also try to bring humour and positivity to my images as I reflect on the sometimes-depressing features of our contemporary world.
To see additional images, please vist the Current and 50 Squares galleries on the PhotoClub Vancouver website.
 Images in this Exhibition
 Box o’ Rockies is a whimsical look at the notion of packaging our experiences to convey them – think Instagram or Facebook. In the end, no photographs of natural wonders like the Rockies can compare with the experience of being in Nature.
The Fallen was shot on an Autumn day. The juxtaposition of the fallen-apart poppy and the decaying leaves made me think of forgotten dead soldiers and the futility of war.
Easy is an example of the type of still life and conceptual images I like to create. The aim here was to convey the notion of fragility, particularly in human relationships. Words and actions matter – mending is hard.
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