I have been interested in photography since young adulthood and developed my skills using an SLR with a few amateur courses and much practice. Life demands pushed photography aside, and I only came back to it with the purchase of a DSLR.
I am interested in a wide variety of subjects because I shoot what stands out for me be it lines of architecture, colours, shapes, repetition or an unusual play of light. I have not done much urban photography until COVID kept me close to home this past year. 
I have been a member of PCV since 2017. My images can be seen on the PCV website and occasionally on Instagram at barb.kaiser.165 
My two images in this exhibition--Afterglow and Canopy--are examples of how I am drawn to repetition, light and colour.
​​​​​​​These images are for sale, unframed, 11x14 or 16x20 printed on archival paper for $120 and $150, respectively.
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